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Hey Guys! many of you might be unware of the fact that with the help of this free megatypers software you can set up a your own Megatypers Franchise at your place. to set up franchise you need following:

  • 10-20 liberty reserve accounts or more. (you can make as many as you can using different email addresses).
  • 10/20 Megatypers id's or even more as each person is going to have 2 or more id's.
  • 10/20 computers
  • a high speed internet connection
  • uninterrupted electricity supply
  • and ofcourse workers
  • Note: it is not necessary that you have to provide your workers with computer and internet.they can have it on their own at homes.but you must provide them with free work software.
Now the trick here is that you will give your workers free id, free computer, internet connection and train them for how to work. in return set a daily target for every worker e.g, 10,000 images every day which equals to almost 7-8 dollars  per day or 200 dollars a month. if 10 workers equals to 2000 dollars.
Now as all the ids and liberty reserve accounts are in your ownership so you will recieve the money from the Megatypers company. then convert them into local currency with the help of best e-currency exchanger. if you get 60 indian rupees in return to one liberty reserve dollar, pay your workers 45 per dollar. keep 5 for your work expenses (computers,internet etc) and 10 as your net profit. for 2000 dollar you will get 20,000 rupees profit. this is only for 10 workers.lets say you have 50 workers, then you can easily earn upto 0.1 million rupees and even more. so best of luck and enjoy!

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