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Megatypers Captcha solving Jobs

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Megatypers Captcha Entry Jobs 

  • Earn 200 dollars per month Online by Working From Home.

  • If you have got pc/laptop and internet connection at home then you can easily earn good amount of money at home just by doing simple typing much you can earn depends on your typing speed and the time which you give.this is a simple captcha typing

  • here is the brief introduction of this job.

  • Introduction:-

  • Many of you will be familiar with word "captcha".we encounter it many times while surfing the web,registering new accounts etc. in this job you will have to type captchas indefinitely.the faster you type and more time you will give,more you will earn.


Megatypers is a new captcha data entry jobs providing company launced in january pays its workers highest captcha rates ever as high as 1.05 $ dollars/1000 pays every week via paypal or liberty reserve with minimum payout of just 3 dollars.



how to join and start work???


i will tell you step by step how you will have to join and start work and finally get your payment.

  • step:-1

  • First of all you will have to make an online account at liberty reserve

  • payment of your work will be send to your this online account.from there you can cash out your money anytime.

  • to make online account at liberty reserve visit this web address:  

  • to learn how to bulid account on Liberty reserve click this link  click here

  • step:-2

  • After making online account at liberty reserve go to this link :

  • A new website window will open

  • click on Free Sign Up!

  • A new window will open

  • in front of email box type your email address

  • then type any suitable password

  • then your name

  • select liberty reserve as payment method.another box will appear below it.type your liberty reserve account number in it which starts with u,for example u2329896 

  • then infront of invitation box  type '' 2NVO''

  • then check on the terms and conditions

  • type the Alphabets in the image and click register

  • registration complete and done!!!

  • step 3 :-

  • Click on login

  • A new small window will open

  • type your account email address and password in the respective tabs.

  • login into your account

  • click on solve images .

  • images will start appear.type them as fast as you can.

  • if your typing speed is fast then next time you login into your account for work click on ''solve images faster beta'' instead of solve images. in this images will load faster and you can earn more in a less time
Note: must type both the words in the images correctly. typing only one word or typing incorectly will lead to the blockage of your account.

  • you must type very fast in order to avoid being blocked.(you only have 15 seconds)i f you cannot type fast then only work on ''solve images''

  • step 4:-

  • How to get your work payment!

  • you can keep track of your earnings by visiting website from time to time.Megatypers software also shows earnings.

  • if  your earnings reach 3$ before monday your money will automatically be sent to your libery reserve account by tuesday or wednesday.

  • From There you can sell your dollars to online Digital currency exchagers in your country or city.

  •  to get a complete list of Digital currency exchangers
  • Click here



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